Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Walk to the creek!

Yesterday as part of our Inquiry we walked to the creek with our buddy class.

Before we left we wrote down what rubbish we expected to see the most of - we had to make predictions based on what we thought would be around the creek.

We walked down Tripoli road to the creek and it was really nice as it was sunny weather.

Once we got to the creek we split up into our buddy groups and collected as much rubbish as we could find!

We found some really interesting bits of rubbish, from part of a rubber cone, a broken wire, a drivers license, a toothbrush and even metal tweezers.

Once we had collected lots of rubbish we began to walk back to school.
At school we sat outside Room 2 and emptied out our rubbish bags - we started counting the different types of rubbish we had all found.

After we counted our rubbish we filled in our sheets and wrote about why we were right or wrong about our predictions. It was a really interesting experience and we got to see just how much land pollution is affecting the creek!

If you found this interesting, please remember to comment. Even more important than that though, please remember don't litter!

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