Friday, 27 May 2016

Black bag Similes

In class today room 8 had a writing lesson where they had to come up with similes describing what they felt when they put their hand into a mysterious black bag. Only Miss Morrison knew what was inside the bag and the students of room 8 had to put their hands in and use similes to describe what they felt. Here are some of the similes they came up with!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Biking and Buddy time

Hi my name is Troy. I am in room 8. We done biking yesterday, with Miss Morrison. Me and my friends were having races on the bike. I was on the grey bike.The biggest one out of them.

On Wednesday room 8 was drinking milk ''until room 1 came in''. My brother is in room 1 Rylan I had a task to do. I draw the shapes and cut them out and Rylan tells me what to draw and he sticks it on to the blank paper. It was fun. 

Written by Troy
Nyse, Toma, Michael, Aumau, Demi and Tevita
Leilani, Owyn and Taonga. 

Mahara, Wiriana, Troy & Rylan
Cerenity, Arizona, Nesi, Moana, Constance & Hevani

Friday, 5 February 2016

Class Treaty and our Pepehas!

Tena Koutou!

Today marks day four of Term 1 and the class is settling into Room 8 nicely.

On Wednesday as a class we learnt about what a 'Treaty" is by listening to the "Tree Hut Treaty" story. We then discussed how we could use the idea of a Treaty in the classroom. We split off into groups and brainstormed good 'promises' we can make to each other to make sure our classroom is a great place to learn. We then combined our ideas and came up with Room 8's Classroom Treaty!
Room 8 promises to...
1. Be respectful and kind to everyone
2. Help others
3. Show our school values
4. Respect the environment
5. Listen to the person talking
6. Believe in ourselves!

We made cut outs of our hand shapes and signed them to form the 'leaves' of our 'Tree-ty'!

On Thursday we practiced some Te Reo by writing out our Pepehas.

"First miss Morrison wrote her Pepeha on the board so room 8 can write theirs too. Once room 8 finished their Pepeha all of our writings became colourful and beautiful because we did different kinds of Pepeha about our Whanau and iwis. Below is my Pepeha" - Written by Constance
'My Pepeha' by Constance

'Pepeha' by Cerenity
Today we had another practice of our writing with Quick Write and Wordladder activities. Everyone worked so well, so we went outside for some games afterwards to give ourselves a brain break!

Quick Write activity, students working hard!

What an awesome first week we have had, lets keep it up room 8!
Ka Kite!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Welcome Back! Term One 2016!

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa!
Welcome to Room 8's 2016 Blog!

I hope you have all had a restful break and are excited to get back into learning! My name is Miss Morrison, its my first year at Tamaki Primary and Room 8 is my first class. I am so excited about what the year will bring and have so much faith in the ability of my amazing students!

Tuesday the 2nd of February marked the First day of Term 1, and the first school day of 2016.

The day started with an amazing Powhiri and welcome by the school and Kapa Haka group. 

We then returned to the classroom and got to meet most of the students and Miss Morrison (Room 8's new teacher!). 

Students working through the 'Room 8 Student Search'!
Our first day was filled with Icebreakers and 'getting to know you' activities. We also had a class discussion about how we can show Respect to those who are talking and to our peers when we are sharing ideas. 
Its already looking to be an exciting year with a class full of awesome students!

Lets go 2016!
Our first weekly quote of the year!