Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sugar-Free pancakes!

Today in Room 8 while some of the Year 5&6 students were at soccer, we made pancakes!

We looked at the process of sugar and how it is made. We then talked about how bad it is to add so much sugar to things that don't actually need it.

Here is a video we watched on the process of sugar. We counted that there were 15 steps from turning Sugar cane into sugar! That is far too many steps, especially when you consider that fact that to eat a banana it goes straight from the tree and onto the shelves - no processing needed!

To show this, we made sugar-free pancakes! Fruit has natural sugar in it so instead of having sugar or flavouring, we mashed bananas and put that into the mix.

We also looked at how flour is very processed and how although it isn't as bad as sugar, there are still ways to bake without using it.

For our pancakes today, we made banana pancakes using only three ingredients; Banana, eggs and oats!

We had to multiply the ingredients by 4 in order to make enough for everyone.

Here is the recipe:

It was really fun trying to make these pancakes and even more fun eating them. Have a look at some of our reflections below!

Denzel @ Tamaki Primary: Making Pancakes

Hope L @ Tamaki Primary School: making pancakes: Room eight was making pancakes

Lydia @ Tamaki Primary School: Free Sugar pancakes

Saia @ Tamaki Primary School: making sugar free pancakes

Coralee @ Tamaki Primary School: IN ROOM 8 MAKING SUGAR FREE PANCAKES !!! By Corale...: Today in room 8 we are going to be making pancakes with Miss Morrison. we thought we were going to make a cake but we so happy for us.

Edith @ Tamaki Primary School: Sugar free pancakes YUUMM: Today I was in Room 8 for the day, We made pancakes for the first block

Friday, 19 May 2017

What are you drinking?!

Today in Room 8 we were looking at how much sugar is in the drinks we usually buy from the dairy.

Earlier this week Miss Morrison asked the students what drinks they like to buy from the dairy. In Room 8 we usually like buying Monster, Up & Go, Coca-cola, Juice, Milk and Water.

Today we weighed and compared the different amounts of sugar in each of these drinks.

We predicted that Monster would have the most amount of sugar and Water would have the least.

Here are our results:

The main thing we learned was that most drinks have sugar in them so you need to check and read the label before you drink something. Also that Water is usually the best choice to have if you are thirsty. 

Here are some links to the students work and results!

Alyssa @ Tamaki Primary School: How much sugar is in Drinks?: Today room 8 learnt about sugar and what is in fizzy drinks like monster.

Stephney @ Tamaki Primary School: Sugar drinks: Here are two google drawings one is my summary I did.The other is about the sugar we looked for in drinks.

Arizona @ Tamaki Primary School: How much sugar is in the drinks we have: WAL: How much sugar is in the drinks we have? 

Fe'ao @ Tamaki Primary School: Sugar and drinks-Fe'ao: Today we looked at how much sugar is in a cola,fresh up,up & go,monster,milk and water hope you like this :)

Thursday, 11 May 2017


In room 8 we have been learning about taking care of our Hauora.

The four aspects of Hauora are; Physical, spiritual, mental and social wellbeing.

To take care of our spiritual well-being we have been learning about meditation.

Everyday for 10 minutes we have been playing 'peaceful meditative music' and trying to meditate.

Here is some of the research we did about why it is good for you.

Hamish's research

Hope L @ Tamaki Primary School: Meditation: In room 8 we are learning abut meditation and how we meditate and why is it good and what is meditation.

Alyssa @ Tamaki Primary School: Meditation?: Today room 8 was learning about how to meditate miss morrison wrote some questions so we know all about meditation we had to watch some vid...

Friday, 5 May 2017

ANZAC Biscuits with Room 2.

This week we met with our buddies for the first time for Term 2.

To celebrate ANZAC day we went down to the hall with them and made ANZAC biscuits.

While some of the students were helping mix the ingredients with Miss Morrison and Miss Park, others were making poppies out of collage materials.

Making a collage means that you have to use a range of different materials to create an image. Students were trying to create a Red poppy so they used bits of red paper, crayon and ripped parts of magazines.

The ANZAC biscuits were delicious to eat and really easy to make. Here was the recipe that we used.

It was a really fun buddy session and we loved spending time with Room 2!

TPS Anzac Ceremony

Every year at Tamaki we hold an ANZAC ceremony to remember and acknowledge the soldiers who fought in the war.

As a class we created 'gratitude' poppies to join together to make a wreath. We talked about what we were thankful for in our lives and how lucky we were to live in a country without war.

It was a beautiful ceremony and Hope T, Stephney and Carra stood up and read "Flanders Field" by John McCrae. They spoke really well and you could tell the rest of the school was eagerly listening!

After all the classes had presented their wreaths, Room 8 stood by the crosses for a moment of silence to reflect on ANZAC and the soldiers.

Here are some photos from the ceremony.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Yesterday we had a great Art lesson where we created Silhouettes of Anzac symbols. 

First we used dye to paint a sunset background and then cut out different shapes from black paper. 

The shapes ranged from images of crosses, soldiers and even some poppies. 

Even though we were all using the same resources and instructions, they all look really unique!

Here are some photos of the process and the finished product.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Samoan in Room 8!

Today was our first day back at school for Term 2!

It was a great day and we are all excited to see what the term has in store for us. This term, all of Tamaki Primary will be having Samoan lessons! We were lucky enough as a class to have Ms Aireen come and teach us some basic greetings today. 

Here are some awesome examples of the students learning. 

Stephney @ Tamaki Primary School: Samoan lesson: IALT: greet others in the Samoan language This is a video of what I have learnt in Samoan lessons today.

Fe'ao @ Tamaki Primary School: Greeting in the Samoan Language: Today we were learning how to greet others in the Samoan language with miss Aireen. Talofa-Hello o a mai oe-How are you? Manuia fa'...

Lia @ Tamaki Primary: Samoan greeting/lesson: This is a video with my room 8 friend Carra and me Lia and this is what we were saying in our greetings *Hello carra Hello Lia *How a...

Fe'ao wrote out on his blog some of the words/phrases they learnt:

Talofa - Hello

o a mai oe - How are you?

Manuia fa'afetai, o a mai oe? -  Good thank you, how are you?

Manuia fa'afetai - Good thank you.

Thank you so much Ms Aireen for coming to teach us!