Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Cybersmart with Miss Ashley: Screencastify

Today Miss Ashley came into Room 8 to teach us about a new chrome app called Screencastify.

It is a app that lets you record your screen to show others your learning!

Have a look at some of the awesome blog posts!

Stephney @ Tamaki Primary School: Screencastify: WALT:use screencastify. Also recording the tab were on, I hope you like my video I have made it will show you what to do on our site in roo...

Dwyane @ Tamaki Primary School: Navigate our class website: WALT: Navigate our class website  how to use screencastify

Lia @ Tamaki Primary: using screencastify with room 8:WALT: use screencastify for room 8 blog.

Hamish @ Tamaki Primary School: cyber smart: WALT: Navigate our class website

Alyssa @ Tamaki Primary School: Screencastify: Today some of the people from room 7 came into room 8 with miss ashley and they were teaching us about screencastify.

Thank you so much Miss Ashley for such an amazing session! We are excited to see all that we can do with Screencastify with our learning.

German Lesson

This week in Room 8 we were lucky enough to have a visitor come and teach us some German!
His name is Hamish and he is Miss Morrison's uncle.
He currently lives in Berlin but was born in New Zealand. He came to talk to Room 8 about life in Germany and teach us some German phrases.

Have a look at how the lesson went!


Thank you so much Hamish for such an awesome lesson! We can't wait to practice our German and learn more about the country and culture. 

Monday, 27 March 2017

Class novel: Billionaire Boy Review

This term we read a class novel called 'Billionaire Boy' by David Walliams.

Miss Morrison read it to us everyday after lunch while we had our Milk.
We LOVED the story and all of the amazing characters.

Once we finished the novel, we watched the BBC film version. We thought it was really interesting how different the novel was to the film so we did some great comparisons.
Here are some of our reviews:

Here is the film review we made -
Billionaire Boy Review from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

We hope you like our reviews - we are starting to read "The Enchanted Wood" by Enid Blyton so keep checking in on our blog to see how it goes!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

PE lesson: Balance skills

Today in Room 8 we had a PE lesson on Balance. Since we are currently learning about Skateboarding for kiwisport, it is really important that we have good balancing skills. To start the lesson we watched a video on Yoga and warmed up our joints and muscles.

 Then we got into some fun stretches and balancing poses. We talked about what you need to do when you are balancing and how this helps you stay strong and flexible!

Afterward the students made some DLOs about the lesson. Have a look at some of them below!

Here is Stephney's blog post!

We were learning about balance and it was great we did a lot of yoga and stretching in my google drawing there are some tips about balance I hope you like.


 Here is Fe'ao's blog post!

Today miss told that we had to do some yoga then when we were done we had to make a recount about it so this is my one and I hope you like it :)

 Here is Taonga's blog post! 

Today was so fun because we were doing yoga and learning how to balances it was really fun.

Here is Arizona's blog post!

This is my work,
Today we did yoga with our teacher Miss Morrison.
She is fun, I had fun when I did the yoga lesson.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

World poetry day!

Happy world poetry day!

Today is world poetry day and to celebrate we did a lesson on 'Lyric Poetry'.
Lyric poetry is poetry that contains 'rhyme schemes'.

The students had a go first at finding words that rhymed together.
For example:
Rat - hat - sat - cat - mat - pat - fat - that - flat - bat - brat

We then used a google presentation to work through some slides and poems of our own!

Take a look.

Taonga's work

Stephney's work

Carra's work

Great work Room 8!
Happy world poetry day!

Kiwisport: Skateboarding - lesson 1

Yesterday as a class we had Kiwisport. This term we have been learning about Badminton but today we started the new course which is about Skateboarding!

We started our lesson out on the top courts with our coach Aiden.

First we had to put on all of the safety gear. This was really important as we had to be protected in case we fell.

The students then got to have a go at pushing the skateboard with one foot across the court. Aiden the coach reminded us that it is important to put all your weight on the foot that is on the board.

Then once the students were feeling confident, they got to put two feet on the board and try balance! We learnt that if you put more weight on one foot, you begin to turn that way.

It was a great first session and Room 8 did so well to get everyone up and on the boards!

Carra @ Tamaki Primary School: Quantity or Quality? Blog post tips.

Great work Carra! Carra was learning about the difference between a Quality blog post and what blogging for quantity looks like. We want quality over quantity!

Carra @ Tamaki Primary School: Quantity or Quality? Blog post tips.: This is about a quality blog post this can show you what a good blog is.

Lia @ Tamaki Primary: Learn create share

Here is Lia and Dwyanes awesome blog post about their Pollution learning. Have a read and you can learn about reduce, reuse and recycle! Lia @ Tamaki Primary: Learn create share: never do pollution

Walk to the creek!

Yesterday as part of our Inquiry we walked to the creek with our buddy class.

Before we left we wrote down what rubbish we expected to see the most of - we had to make predictions based on what we thought would be around the creek.

We walked down Tripoli road to the creek and it was really nice as it was sunny weather.

Once we got to the creek we split up into our buddy groups and collected as much rubbish as we could find!

We found some really interesting bits of rubbish, from part of a rubber cone, a broken wire, a drivers license, a toothbrush and even metal tweezers.

Once we had collected lots of rubbish we began to walk back to school.
At school we sat outside Room 2 and emptied out our rubbish bags - we started counting the different types of rubbish we had all found.

After we counted our rubbish we filled in our sheets and wrote about why we were right or wrong about our predictions. It was a really interesting experience and we got to see just how much land pollution is affecting the creek!

If you found this interesting, please remember to comment. Even more important than that though, please remember don't litter!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Buddy time and Buddy bookmarks!

Today Room 8 and their buddies Room 2 had a great middle block together. 
We practiced some key competencies, managing self, relating to others and participating and contributing!

First the Room 8 students found a book and read with expression to their buddies. Some of the Room 2 students even showed off their excellent reading skills and read to the Room 8 students!

After they had done some reading, the students paired up and made buddy bookmarks! These bookmarks are extra special as they go on the corners of the pages to save where you are reading. 

Here are some photos of the amazing work Room 8 and Room 2 did. 


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Bar graphs and Pictographs in Room 8!

Today in Maths we were learning about Pictographs and Bar graphs as part of our Statistics topic. We talked about how these are different types of displaying data

Both types are visual displays and are usually very easy to understand.

First we had some students go around the classrooms and collect data. They asked each teacher on a survey, how many students they had in their classrooms. 
We then put the data together and made this awesome pictograph!

We then looked at how many of the Room 8 students go to the different Music sessions. We are very lucky that Caleb has been taking lots of music sessions this term that focus on different music areas. At the beginning of the term we got to pick from Guitar, Keyboard, Digital, Songwriting and Drums lessons! We decided to put all this data together and made a bar graph showing what ones Room 8 chose!

Here is Stephney's awesome blog post about her learning!

WALT: use pictographs or bar graphs. This is my pictographs and I found out that Room 8 mostly likes strawberries. I hope you like it and Email me if you want to make it, please comment. Here is the picture of my pictographs.

WALT: use pictographs or bar graphs. This time I have used a bar graph I hope you like it. Please comment.

What a great session we had! We can't wait to learn about different types of graphs and create some cool surveys for other students. 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Kiwican session: Disagreements

Today in Kiwican we learnt all about disagreements.

A disagreement is when you don't agree on something, or as Stephney described it "When people have different ideas to each other".

Mr M and Miss Lily took us through different activities where we got to share our ideas and see what differences we had.

We played a game where we had to try and crack a code. We got into two pairs and had to work together to try and make it from one grey chair to the other.

It was important that during the 'crack the code' session we were supporting one another and although at times we disagreed with what paths people were taking, we showed Tukumarie and cheered them on.

Kiwican Week 6: Coding from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

It was really fun!

Our chant for the day was:
Kiwican says
"Work together
be my mate
achieve our goals
and cooperate"

Thanks for another awesome session Kiwican!