Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Kiwisport: Skateboarding - lesson 1

Yesterday as a class we had Kiwisport. This term we have been learning about Badminton but today we started the new course which is about Skateboarding!

We started our lesson out on the top courts with our coach Aiden.

First we had to put on all of the safety gear. This was really important as we had to be protected in case we fell.

The students then got to have a go at pushing the skateboard with one foot across the court. Aiden the coach reminded us that it is important to put all your weight on the foot that is on the board.

Then once the students were feeling confident, they got to put two feet on the board and try balance! We learnt that if you put more weight on one foot, you begin to turn that way.

It was a great first session and Room 8 did so well to get everyone up and on the boards!

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