Thursday, 23 March 2017

PE lesson: Balance skills

Today in Room 8 we had a PE lesson on Balance. Since we are currently learning about Skateboarding for kiwisport, it is really important that we have good balancing skills. To start the lesson we watched a video on Yoga and warmed up our joints and muscles.

 Then we got into some fun stretches and balancing poses. We talked about what you need to do when you are balancing and how this helps you stay strong and flexible!

Afterward the students made some DLOs about the lesson. Have a look at some of them below!

Here is Stephney's blog post!

We were learning about balance and it was great we did a lot of yoga and stretching in my google drawing there are some tips about balance I hope you like.


 Here is Fe'ao's blog post!

Today miss told that we had to do some yoga then when we were done we had to make a recount about it so this is my one and I hope you like it :)

 Here is Taonga's blog post! 

Today was so fun because we were doing yoga and learning how to balances it was really fun.

Here is Arizona's blog post!

This is my work,
Today we did yoga with our teacher Miss Morrison.
She is fun, I had fun when I did the yoga lesson.

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