Thursday, 11 February 2016

Biking and Buddy time

Hi my name is Troy. I am in room 8. We done biking yesterday, with Miss Morrison. Me and my friends were having races on the bike. I was on the grey bike.The biggest one out of them.

On Wednesday room 8 was drinking milk ''until room 1 came in''. My brother is in room 1 Rylan I had a task to do. I draw the shapes and cut them out and Rylan tells me what to draw and he sticks it on to the blank paper. It was fun. 

Written by Troy
Nyse, Toma, Michael, Aumau, Demi and Tevita
Leilani, Owyn and Taonga. 

Mahara, Wiriana, Troy & Rylan
Cerenity, Arizona, Nesi, Moana, Constance & Hevani

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