Friday, 5 February 2016

Class Treaty and our Pepehas!

Tena Koutou!

Today marks day four of Term 1 and the class is settling into Room 8 nicely.

On Wednesday as a class we learnt about what a 'Treaty" is by listening to the "Tree Hut Treaty" story. We then discussed how we could use the idea of a Treaty in the classroom. We split off into groups and brainstormed good 'promises' we can make to each other to make sure our classroom is a great place to learn. We then combined our ideas and came up with Room 8's Classroom Treaty!
Room 8 promises to...
1. Be respectful and kind to everyone
2. Help others
3. Show our school values
4. Respect the environment
5. Listen to the person talking
6. Believe in ourselves!

We made cut outs of our hand shapes and signed them to form the 'leaves' of our 'Tree-ty'!

On Thursday we practiced some Te Reo by writing out our Pepehas.

"First miss Morrison wrote her Pepeha on the board so room 8 can write theirs too. Once room 8 finished their Pepeha all of our writings became colourful and beautiful because we did different kinds of Pepeha about our Whanau and iwis. Below is my Pepeha" - Written by Constance
'My Pepeha' by Constance

'Pepeha' by Cerenity
Today we had another practice of our writing with Quick Write and Wordladder activities. Everyone worked so well, so we went outside for some games afterwards to give ourselves a brain break!

Quick Write activity, students working hard!

What an awesome first week we have had, lets keep it up room 8!
Ka Kite!

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