Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas around the world

Today in class we learnt about christmas traditions from different countries around the world.  Students had to pick a country name out of a hat and go and research its traditions.

Have a look at their work!

Stephney @ Tamaki Primary School: ZAMBIA CHRISTMAS: On Monday I have been learning about his cultures Christmas called Zambia which can be located in the African Continent. There Christmas ha...

Hope L @ Tamaki Primary School: CHRISTMAS IN FIJI: WE are learning about how other countries celebrate christmas and how we celebrate christmas and  we are also learning that if we have the ...

Dwyane @ Tamaki Primary School: Christmas in france.

Isaia @ Tamaki Primary School: christmas in New Zealand

Timote @ Tamaki Primary School: Christmas by Timoteand Tino

Rawiri @ Tamaki Primary School: Christmas in Mexico

What did you learn? Comment about some of the christmas traditions you found interesting!

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