Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Financial Literacy lessons from PWC

Last week Room 7 and Room 8 were lucky enough to have two coaches from PwC come and teach us about how to be safe and responsible with our money.

Taonga wrote a summary of our first lesson.

On Session 1 we meet two guys called Tim and Sash. With Tim and Sash we learnt how to be trustworthy they said way to be trustworthy is if someone lends you something then you give it back on the right time. It also means it has to not be damaged. After that we got into teams and Tim and Sash gave us a paper that we had to act out in front of the class which was a bit scary but fun because we got to act it out.  

In our second lesson we learnt about insurance and the different types you can get. We also spoke about the difference between saving and borrowing money and how it actually can sometimes mean you spend more if you choose to only pay a little bit at a time.

Fe'ao wrote: Amazing! That lesson was incredible I learnt what was right to buy and how to save money. Also lending and borrowing stuff that’s not yours. And I loved yesterday one it was about your identity and insurance lesson but I liked it anyway!    

Here are some of the blog reflections about the lessons:

Carra @ Tamaki Primary School: FLIP Reflection: Today we are making a reflection on PWC Flip and it was amazing.

Alyssa @ Tamaki Primary School: FLIP reflection: In room 8 we are writing a reflection about us with the pwc people.

Stephney @ Tamaki Primary School: FLip session: On Monday and Thursday we had sessions with tim and sash about saving money.I have learnt that if you have any broken property you can have...

Fine @ Tamaki Primary School: THe Flip Session: When i did the Flip Session it was the best we get to writer on the paper that we got and we have to finish the paper that we did yesterda...

Thank you so much to the PwC team who came and taught us the lessons!

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  1. Tim and Sash were good at teaching us well we are in class thank you to sash and tim for teaching us a lot of new things


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