Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Fried Rice

Today we made fried rice as part of our "Fuelled for life" inquiry!

The students got into two groups and each group had the opportunity to make fried rice.
First we looked at the receipt for how much all the ingredients cost - it was really cheap!

Then we put all the ingredients onto our balanced plate template. Did you know for every meal you have, you need at least
- half of it to be made up from fruits and vegetables.
- one quarter to be made up from grains
- one quarter to be made up from protein.

Then we got straight on to cooking! Miss Morrison had already cooked all the rice to us so it was ready to just be added in.

Our ingredients were:
- White rice
- capsicum
- tinned corn
- frozen peas
- carrots
- eggs
- soy sauce

First we chopped up the carrots and put them on the hot plate. We put carrots on first as they are quite hard and needed some time to soften up a little. We then drained the corn and chopped up the capsicum. Once the carrots had cooked for a little, we added in the peas (they were frozen so Miss Morrison had them sitting, thawing, out for a while so they weren't as hard!). After the peas and carrots had cooked together we put in the corn and capsicum. Each student then had turns spooning in the cold rice. The rice broke up and was easy to mix together. We added in splashes of Soy Sauce of flavouring. Once the mix was hot and altogether, Miss M cracked eggs on top! Because the ingredients were so hot, they cooked the eggs. This meant there were yummy bits of egg (protein) throughout the mix. 

Have a look at some of the photos and reflections! 

Hope L's reflection

Alyssa's work

It was a great lesson and we can't wait to do more cooking. Have you made fried rice before? Let us know how it went and if you made a balanced meal. 

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