Friday, 19 May 2017

What are you drinking?!

Today in Room 8 we were looking at how much sugar is in the drinks we usually buy from the dairy.

Earlier this week Miss Morrison asked the students what drinks they like to buy from the dairy. In Room 8 we usually like buying Monster, Up & Go, Coca-cola, Juice, Milk and Water.

Today we weighed and compared the different amounts of sugar in each of these drinks.

We predicted that Monster would have the most amount of sugar and Water would have the least.

Here are our results:

The main thing we learned was that most drinks have sugar in them so you need to check and read the label before you drink something. Also that Water is usually the best choice to have if you are thirsty. 

Here are some links to the students work and results!

Alyssa @ Tamaki Primary School: How much sugar is in Drinks?: Today room 8 learnt about sugar and what is in fizzy drinks like monster.

Stephney @ Tamaki Primary School: Sugar drinks: Here are two google drawings one is my summary I did.The other is about the sugar we looked for in drinks.

Arizona @ Tamaki Primary School: How much sugar is in the drinks we have: WAL: How much sugar is in the drinks we have? 

Fe'ao @ Tamaki Primary School: Sugar and drinks-Fe'ao: Today we looked at how much sugar is in a cola,fresh up,up & go,monster,milk and water hope you like this :)


  1. Good work no actually great work keep it up

  2. that is a interesting way to see how much sugar is in our drink

  3. Hey Room 8,
    I really like what use done this morning it looks very fun. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to do it with my class next week!

  4. This looks amazing Room 8!
    What a fun and interesting way to learn about how much sugar different food items have in them.
    Kia kaha!

  5. great you all worked together that is teamwork oh :) i like that you guy learnt about how much sugar are in up in go and stuff so amazing work :)

  6. Hi Rm 8, this is a very cool blog post and I just wanna say I am impressed, My class (Room 7) should start pull up our game. Keep up the good work.

    -Edith<3 :D

  7. cool rm 8 it is cool i really want to do this thnx

  8. Hello Room 8, I really liked what you did, checking how much sugar there is in drinks that we drink like coca cola.
    I really enjoyed reading this blog.

  9. Hi room 8,I can tell that you guys have learned heaps about our topic learning for this term.Great Job guys.

  10. HI Room 8 I really like your work

  11. hi room 8 you guys did great they look yummy


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