Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sugar-Free pancakes!

Today in Room 8 while some of the Year 5&6 students were at soccer, we made pancakes!

We looked at the process of sugar and how it is made. We then talked about how bad it is to add so much sugar to things that don't actually need it.

Here is a video we watched on the process of sugar. We counted that there were 15 steps from turning Sugar cane into sugar! That is far too many steps, especially when you consider that fact that to eat a banana it goes straight from the tree and onto the shelves - no processing needed!

To show this, we made sugar-free pancakes! Fruit has natural sugar in it so instead of having sugar or flavouring, we mashed bananas and put that into the mix.

We also looked at how flour is very processed and how although it isn't as bad as sugar, there are still ways to bake without using it.

For our pancakes today, we made banana pancakes using only three ingredients; Banana, eggs and oats!

We had to multiply the ingredients by 4 in order to make enough for everyone.

Here is the recipe:

It was really fun trying to make these pancakes and even more fun eating them. Have a look at some of our reflections below!

Denzel @ Tamaki Primary: Making Pancakes

Hope L @ Tamaki Primary School: making pancakes: Room eight was making pancakes

Lydia @ Tamaki Primary School: Free Sugar pancakes

Saia @ Tamaki Primary School: making sugar free pancakes

Coralee @ Tamaki Primary School: IN ROOM 8 MAKING SUGAR FREE PANCAKES !!! By Corale...: Today in room 8 we are going to be making pancakes with Miss Morrison. we thought we were going to make a cake but we so happy for us.

Edith @ Tamaki Primary School: Sugar free pancakes YUUMM: Today I was in Room 8 for the day, We made pancakes for the first block


  1. i love pancakes and bananas i wonder what it will taste like
    together i hope i find out soon

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  3. i really like the pancake we made i hope we can make something again with you guy thankyou guy for letting us made pancake with you i wish you all the best

  4. yay i know how to make it now thanks rm8 your the best
    i dont know what to say thank you alot you rock

  5. Hey Room 8,
    I really liked making these pancakes and think that I like sugar free pancakes better then the ones with lots and lots of sugar.


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