Friday, 17 February 2017

Pancake Recounts!

This term for writing we are focusing on recounts.

A recount is when you re-tell an experience or sequence of events.

To help us get excited about recounts and practice writing them - we made pancakes in class!

On Thursday before morning tea, we made pancakes together. We sat on the mat with Miss Morrison and read through the ingredients and then split into two groups. Each group had their own bowl and ingredients. We had to double the recipe to make enough for everyone - so we got a bit of maths practice too!

We all took turns in our groups mixing the ingredients together and pouring them onto the hot plate.
After all the pancakes were cooked we sat at the tables and ate them with jam and butter.

It was a really fun experience and we got some great writing out of it!

Here are some photos from the experience:

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